Terms and conditions

                                                                                      TERMS  AND CONDITIONS

We allnepaljob.com is owned and managed by Viral Nepal Job Placement Pvt. Ltd We have provided all kinds of possible service and features to employer  as well as job seeker so that they can easily meet there  need through allnepaljob.com

            This terms  and condition set out the legally binding  terms of use of ‘allnepaljob.com ‘ this terms and condition is subject to upgrade or maintenance without any pre notice.

Rates to the employer

The subscription rates for the all kinds of service provided by allnepaljob.com will be according to the page (pricing) which is posted on this site. Company will update this rate list time to time according to situation and condition of market.


  • If employer, who is unable to pay subscription fees, for those employer company will unable to provide them any kinds of service provided by allnepaljob.com
  • In The condition of late payment by the members of any due amount according to this agreement membership, subscription or service is terminated.

Member’s Treaty

  • The members are strongly responsible for the accuracy of the registered data and information provided in the job application and relate to other Service.
  • The member will responsible for all kinds of notices and instruction provided the allnepaljob.com time to time by different sources.
  • The member is strongly responsible for the login information. It includes members password and member username and all kinds of activities performed by members on allnepaljob .com
  • The members will immediately notify the company of any unwanted use of the member’s account.
  • The member will take all such measures as many are necessary including unlimited facility for changing their password from time to time to protect the province.

Copyright policy:

  • ‘allnepaljob.com’ contains copyrighted  material trademarks and other proprietary information
  • You are heartily requested to not copy, display, perform, print, translate, publish or sell any such kinds of information, except for that information which is in the public domain or for which have given permission.

Termination of service:

  • If any particular society or gender feel harassment by any contain.
  • If any offensive terms which is unfit for digital community, any such content that promotes physical, mental or social harm of any community.
  • Any kinds of information which mislead the society, illegal activity, threating in such condition we will terminate the service.

This agreement accepted to use of allnepaljob.com and being a member of this job site. It contains entire agreement between you and regarding to use of this site. If any provision of this agreement held invalid, reminder of this agreement shall continue in full force.